Merrill Edge for iPad App Reviews

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iPad Fingerprint

New update to app stopped the fingerprint ID from working. Service center said to delete app and reinstall but after three installs still does not work. Please fix!!!

Seldom operational

Freezes often or just doesn’t open... ML needs all new interfaces on line and desktop. Desktop is much worse.

Touch sign in remains broken on both apps

9-14-18 ML tech staff Please fix recently introduced bug! Problem existed about a week now for both of your apps. Thank you

Not Functioning

Not functioning for the past week, reinstalled same problem

Fails to operate

Simply doesn’t work

Not working on iPad

I am on able to login on my iPad when using fingerprint. Scans finger but freezes at login. Works perfectly fine on iPhone X

Very poor always locks up

This app is useless. It asks for your login and then locks up. Merrill you can do better .

its completely broken now

it wont go into my account anymore. gets stuck on the sign in page and the app is greyed out like its loading or something but thats all it does. then after you close the app about 5 minutes later it says “you have been signed out due to inactivity”. so i don’t really know what is going on with it. 😕

Touch ID doesn’t launch after first time.

Touch up sets up and provides confirmation. But at next login with Touch ID, the app hangs up and won’t launch. Happened twice after complete delete and reinstall of app.

stuck at login?

seems to be stuck at login since the last update?

Touch id

The latest update broke touch Id functionality.

Wish it had a widget

I mainly use the iPhone version of this app, which comes with a really handy widget. Wish this one offered it as well...

Not accepting deposits

I have tried to deposit two checks. The app accepted the deposits, but then with no notice to me the checks were “rejected.” I received a general error message that gave 9 possible reasons why. I have spent 80 minutes on the phone with Merrill Edge, but they don’t know why checks are rejected. If you use this app to deposit checks, keep your checks on-hand & don’t assume they will go through. Look at the “deposit checks” section of the app. You will not receive any notice your checks did not clear or specific reason why. The employees at the call centers were very helpful but they’re disempowered from resolving problems with the app.

Crashes over and over

Does not even let me login before it crashes. What a terrible app!

Horrible app

This is among the worst apps i have ever used. Crashes , refuses to signon, weird error messages. And worst of all no support from Merrill Lynch. Horrible!

App crashes

I did like this app and used it a lot. Now, however, whenever I touch the menu button, the app crashes and logs out. I deleted the app and reloaded it but that did not help.

App Crash IOS 8

App crashes when choosing symbol for option order buy in ipad app on ios 8.

Not a good start

This looks like it would be a useful app, however I have been unable to log into my account. I do not have any problems logging into the account using the website.


After ios 10 update, fingerprint sign on will not work!

Back to the drawing board

I tried this app but the web version is superior. I never use it anymore. With the web version you can see the whole page width. Not so with the app. Then trying to move things so you can see, it is easy to choose actions you didnt mean to choose. Web version. Simple.

Works well enough but would like to see some improvements

Touch id Save chart settings, having to recheck ema, rsi, and macd every time is annoying Add Premarket/after market trading to app Possibly add more advanced securities order types to ML's limit, stop, etc. orders

Please add crucial feature

Seems I can view my positions, but not recent adds and gains on them - just the overall position size. Please add and 5-Star rerate

Please improve Watchlists

I would really like to use your watch lists more but it's missing a key feature. It should total up the gain/loss for the entire watch list for the symbols that have purchase price data entered. Refer to the Fidelity watch lists for example. Also, it would be nice to be able to enter a cost basis instead of share price so you don't have to worry about spilt adjustments, commissions, etc. it would be good if you could customize the column order and have more columns to choose from such as 52 w h/l, etc. Would give it 5 stars if it had those things.


Trying to pull a 2016 option chain for tesla and it just crashes. Layout is much improved but needs more work on the bugs.

Awesome app

The update is super awesome! I like the new charting and technical indicator. Please add more fundamental data (please add assess to earning reports! Even a link to Edgar file is fine.) This app is very stable and functional. Keep up the good work!


What an upgrade loved it, now it looks we are moving with world.

No research in updated version??

New version has no way to view all of ML Research. Previous version allowed you to search research by analyst and many other criteria. All of that is gone in this version. Why would this be changed? Now the IPad version is lacking features so will have to use the internet based version.

Nice app

Please allow PDF reports to be exported to iBook for offline reading

After recent update cannot login getting an error message!

Uninstalled app then installed again - doesn't help. It was nice app before. Devs&QA SHOULD BE SHAMED. WOULD GIVE APP ZERO STARS IF IT WAS APPLICABLE

Doesn't recognize my username

Can't log in, doesn't recognize my user name.

Horrible update

This was a great app that no longer works after the latest update. Won't recognize user ID at login. I checked and it's not the account As the login still works on the main website. Please fix this!

Great for quick summaries

For a quick review of your Merrill Edge investment accounts or to move money or get a quick quote, it's a great app. For actual trading Instill use the actual website site (thru safari).


sorry to say this but its a terrible app and doesn't work. I"m a Bank of America account holder, thought this would at least be decent way to have accounts tied together. Well, the ipad does not work - can't get quotes, navigation is awful, and for some reason it won't let me trade unless I active the account with a representative. I have none of these issues with E*Trade. Interesting there are zero reviews, no one else must be using this app? Wasted a bunch of time just trying to get a quote on some stocks I am researching, I think its worked before but today seems the quote lookups are not working. Why do I bother?

Great app I have come to love

This app has made amazing progress over the last year. It's about 10x as good as it was when I first used it. Consistent updates, new features, nice iPad optimization.

Does the job

Not optimized like other broker apps are. doesn't allow extended hours trading.

Merrill Edge

I love this app easy to use and great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the market, highly recommend !

Needs fixing

The sell all option needs fixing. i chose sell all, but when it gets to the preview, the total becomes 1 stock, it wont sell all. That little bug costed me 20 dollars, but oh well, i should have been more careful.


If you want to write checks after depositing a check via the ML app, DON'T do it!!!! They are completely unreliable. The problem is even if the check is a completely clear picture, ML does not warn you or send a push notification that it was rejected because they can't read it. I test drove the deposits twice before and worked fine. But when it counts don't do it!!! It gives you a false sense of security and then you will bounce checks because you trusted their system... They push this app on the counter when depositing in person but they can't take feedback at the counter when you have it. I'd give it a zero star if I could.


This app either closes on its own or simply stops working and must be closed 70% of the time. It also times out after only a few minutes, rendering it basically useless. I've had to resort to the website in Safari which is only marginally better.

Bad and Extremely Unreliable Trading App

-- Unreliable App for trading. It's randomly crashing at the most crucial trading times during the trading hours. We have to relaunch the App multiple times within few minutes. We also have to do the log out and log back in of the account when the App is not crashing. Because It just doesn't load your account information properly. It doesn't remember the watch list, the purchasing power, the account status, the trading order status. -- Bad Software Update???? -- Unreliable Trading System Servers of the Merrill Lynch and Bank of America in New York City after hurricane Sandy???? -- PLEASE FIX THE APP AND THE MERRILL's TRADING SERVERS RIGHT AWAY.

Merrill edge

The app is great except I'd does not have as many features as the IPhone app. You have to log in to see your watch list of stocks

Looks great!

The new bill pay feature is awesome.


App keeps telling me it needs an upgrade, but no upgrade is available. Doesn't work. Bugs need to be fixed.

Total Crap!

Upgrade continually loops you back to the app store saying an upgrade is required. High net worth people have no time for such crap! Especially from BoAML. ACAT time to brokerage that has a clue!

Pretty good app

Pretty good app. I really like my CMA account and hope the BoA doesn't screw it up.

Only for basic trading operations

I believe these guys are in stone age. Only thing positive in this app is Charting Which is very good and app looks pretty but rest of information is just crape.

Ok, but disappointing...

Very good looking website, but not sure the designers actually tried to use it. I was pretty disappointed with it. Seems there is a trend to fast-track apps that have reduced functionality from the website. I'd rather they waited. A few things that bug me: 1. When accessing research on a security, the target price (12 mo . objective) is not even listed! It lists the peers like on the website, but doesn't include the target security (as it does in the web version). Also the peers, when selected, do not bring up the quote. Instead you must re-enter the ticker manually. 2. While trading, when entering trading information, you can only get the bid ask price when initially entering the trade. There is not "refresh data" link. To get an updated bid ask, you must re-enter the ticker symbol and re-retrieve the security. This resets some of the fields in the trade. 3. Also, while trading, a particularly annoying deficiency is the absence of an amend trade option, so to change the trade price, you must cancel the trade and start over. There are many annoyances like this in the app, I could go on. Lots of issues in the research area (not in the research, which is excellent, but in the usability). The app is usable with regard to trading, but I would prefer to use the web site for full functionality. The app looked so nice esthetically, I was disappointed when I actually started to use it for research and trading. I hope they address these issues.

Been waiting for this app

Overall I think this app does most of what I need, but I would like to see more advanced charting I.e. I'd like to define 50,100,200 day moving averages.

Great application

As a Merrill Edge Self Directed, I think this great. Like the modular presentation. Offers basic customization features; would like to see this become more advanced. Trading module is good, but needs more advanced order types such as trailing stops, stop limits. Holdings doesn't provide individual lots, but like clean presentation.

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